Tuesday, January 7, 2014


That your LASIK doctor, whom in 10 minutes will earn $5k, and his commissioned staff is trained to only tell you what they want you to know...nothing more!  Take a good look at the permanently scarred eye above, because that's what you  are electing to do to your eye if you get LASIK irreversible eye reshaping surgery!
First, the FLAP is permanent, and that means that it never heals.  Take a good look through a blue slit lamp at your eye and you will comprehend the permanent scarred cornea that you now have chosen to inflict into your eye!  Not to mention, you elected to have the bulk of the corneal wall "lasered away" creating a thin wall which could burst, bubble, and/or pop at any moment post LASIK!
Second, you are guaranteed to have DES "Dry Eye Syndrome" for the rest of your waking years on planet Earth.  Did your commissioned consultant and caring LASIK surgeon mention this fact to you or the above fact that the FLAP never heals?  Where is the proof of this?  Well, for starters, you can walk into any pharmacy or grocery store and see that there are now drops that on the front of the bottle say "FOR LASIK DRYNESS" which should show you there's an epidemic of people regressing and complaining that their eyes always feel dry and their constantly in pain. 
Here, let me help show you some of these
drops to save you the drive there:
Think and use your common sense for just a second.  Take 100,000 pharmacies and a 100,000 grocery stores in the USA alone, and if each was selling 10 boxes of "Post LASIK Dryness Drops" daily, that means that 2 MILLION people suffer from LASIK - you know, an unnecessary eye procedure that was NOT EVEN NEEDED IN THE FIRST PLACE, nor guaranteed anything!"
So, why do people continue to believe their friends or LASIK centers promises in how great it is?  Answer:  "Most of the patients have done LASIK only in the last 3 or so years, which means their eyes haven't yet changed that much.  But, what happens after a few more years when their eyes change for the worse, then what is your Plan B when you can't sue your doctor or drive a car any longer or go about your status quo/normal life?  Then what?"  Yet, with glasses or contacts, you always know where you're at and what your normal status quo is and YOU CONTROL THAT!  Why would you ever relinquish the control of your vision to someone else?
Third, if and when you do have problems years later and regress and many/most eyes do eventually regress what is your Plan B, C, and D?  Good luck trying to sue and litigate your LASIK staff, the LASER manufacturer, or anyone tied to the procedure since you were drugged and then signed the "Patient Consent Form!"
Okay...now the benefits of LASIK that some people experience:
-Temporary relief from glasses and/or contacts, but for how long?
-Possible 20/20 or better uncorrected vision, but is that the same as quality of vision ask them!
-You can brag to others how great it is...and that you love it...and that it was the best thing since sliced Wonder bread, but be careful, give it a few more years and see if you regress in either eye,
are back wearing contacts or glasses while driving at night, or aren't on permanent "Post LASIK Dry Eye Drops" daily for the pain since your eyes no longer produce sufficient tear film since they flap cut right through vital corneal nerves and never successfully healed back to normal!
Question, "Why would a LASIK center earning millions yearly admit that they have a lot of patients that have DES "Dry Eye Syndrome" and daily pain, some went blind, some patients are suicidal or have already committed suicide, or have lost the ability to work or drive a car or even wear glasses or contact lenses?