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Name not displayed, WA
Apr 16, 19:50
# 772
Because I have halos,no night vision,and major depression ever since I had this done in 1999. I wish I was not alive.
Name not displayed, ON
Apr 12, 22:50
# 771
Health nurse
Mr. Fayaz Issak, United Kingdom
Apr 09, 09:42
# 770
my eyes were damaged
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Name not displayed, New Zealand
Apr 08, 22:47
# 769
I have developed ectasia after LASIX five years ago.
Mr. Manuel Marchiodi, Italy
Apr 02, 17:31
# 768
I am seeing advertisements where they say 99% is safe and that even nasa is doing it................please stop this......
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Mr. Parvez Alam, Bangladesh
Mar 27, 03:19
# 767
stop this
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Name not displayed, Bangladesh
Mar 27, 00:21
# 766
Mar 21, 07:48
# 765
Failed lasik operation at Visual Aids Centre, 8, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar – IV, New Delhi - 110024. Now I am suffering from Keratoconus and need to go for C3R / CXL surgery to prevent my cornea. Vision has already dropped a lot to what it was before lasik.
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Brenda Morales, TX
Mar 19, 15:50
# 764
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Matthew Kotsovolos, NJ
Mar 11, 18:35
# 763
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Mr. burak ozsarac, MD
Mar 07, 12:15
# 762
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Ms. Rina Pellegrini, DE
Mar 07, 06:18
# 761
I have post lasik estacia due to Lasik in 1999. I wouldn't recomment it!
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Name not displayed, MN
Mar 04, 14:50
# 760
Dangers not shown.
Name not displayed, NY
Mar 03, 22:09
# 759
Son is 39 years old and now suffers from star bursts and halos at night resulting in severe headaches and other problems. Do NOT recommend Lasik to anyone.
Mohit Jain, MI
Feb 22, 15:01
# 757
I have undergone LASIK and my near vision has become blurry after the surgery.
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Melinda Lyon, CA
Feb 17, 18:46
# 755
After having LASIK in 2011, I have dry eyes and my vision is worse at night. I believe the risks were not adequately discussed.
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Mrs. Casandra Earle, FL
Feb 12, 16:06
# 754
Too many disasters have happened to many people that are permanent!
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Name not displayed, Mexico
Feb 09, 20:03
# 753
I am a physician. I had bilateral LASIk surgery 7 years ago, everything went well. i had the "obvious" side effects: glares, halos, difficult night vision, dry eye, neovascularity, sensibility to light. I did not mind that, at least i was free of using glasses. i started to have floaters in my lef eye 5 months ago, i am young, healthy and had no previous truma. My myopia was mild before surgery. There is no explanation to what the ophtalmologist found out this week: i had floaters, retina damage (superior) in both eyes, probable posterior vitreous detachment (left) and need laser photocoagulation, urgently so i could avoid retinal detachment. I suspect is all derived from the lasik surgical procedural in my eyes. I would urge you to reconsider the safety of lasik procedure, for the sake of patients health, not minding all the money and enrichment that would be lost.
Mr. Thanasis Emmanouilidis, Greece
Feb 02, 05:14
# 752
I had the LASIK surgery with very bad outcomes (starburts, hellos, dry eye, distorted vision, headaches etc). Overall quality of life is reduced with this procedure. Its side effects are described by doctors as 'nothing permanent' yet they are. This operation is very dangerous and should be banned. Doctors must start saying the truth about this surgery to patients.
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Name not displayed, QC
Jan 28, 08:38
# 751
My friend had a bad outcome and is now struggling everyday.
Cindi Linn, WV
Jan 26, 21:01
# 750
I had LASIK and bad outcome
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Mr. jitender mehta, India
Jan 26, 20:01
# 749
what is side effect of lasik laser
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Name not displayed, Singapore
Jan 24, 20:50
# 748
I dont want vulnerable and ignorant people to get hurt.
Mr. Alexander Collins, TX
Jan 24, 10:27
# 747
I believe the long term risks of lasik are not being exposed. I also dont want to be a blindo by the time I am 50.
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Nancy chen, ON
Jan 23, 10:59
# 746
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Mr. Deepak Kapoor, India
Jan 21, 03:47
# 745
I had IR Customvue Lasik Laser Vision correction on December 15, 2010. On checking i was found to have a refractive error of RE -4.75 DS / -1.50 DC x 40 and the LE was -4.50DS/-2.75DC-140. The corneal topography was normal and the central corneal thickness was 530 microns in the right eye and 521 microns in the left eye. The fundus, anterior segment and adnexa were within normal limits. After this i had halos & starbust. Again i had lasik on june 2011 & dr. Increased my optical zone but my halos+starbust hvnt gone. They still there. Then again i had lasik a on 6th January 2013 on left eye. Dr. Increased my zone to 8 mm & they said its maximum zone they can do but my halos starbust are still there & now i cannot read near things. I got nearsightedness problem also. Im very tensed & disappointed. If you have any solution please let me know. Dr saying your pupil size is large that is why you having these issues. I am very depressed, annoyed, frustrated and sad. What I really want is to get back a normal vision I had all lasik surgery from Dr. Vipin Buckshey, Visual Aids Centre, 8, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar – IV, New Delhi - 110024. Awaited reply. Regards, Deepak Kapoor +91-98990-29700
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Mrs. Debbie Collazo, TX
Jan 18, 14:58
# 744
I had Lasik eye surgery in 2001. My right eye was under corrected, therefore, had an enhancement in 2003 resulting is good vision for several years. In 2012, I noticed I could not see to drive or read. I have now been diagnosed with Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia after lasik. I am very depressed.
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Mr. Winston Elliott, CA
Jan 18, 08:19
# 743
I am experiencing chronic dry eye 2 years after my lasik procedure! I have never had this condition before previously.
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Mr. liu xuebing, China
Jan 15, 23:25
# 742
A letter for help January 2007. After graduating from college, I accept to do LASIK myopia surgery. 1200 degrees of myopia before surgery. After surgery the abnormal dry eyes. A month after the surgery, my left eye began to be uncomfortable together. The left side of the head is not comfortable, that will get better over time, but did not, and it is more and more serious. That time the eyes eyelids feel no serious tear of lubrication left eye than the right eye. But not in pain, eyelid not broken, so that time does not particularly care about. Never know what is dry eye. Because dry eye phenomenon never had before surgery. The postoperative corneal a neurotomy perception reduce corneal did not feel dry and hot. But the upper and lower eyelids often becomes inflamed, bloodshot. Six months after surgery eyes slowly began to ache. The eyes are very dry eyes like a stinging pain morning, and almost earned not open our eyes. Even worse is very serious pain in the left eye, and along with the left side of a headache. The left eye often tears, and often pain blinded. Eyes closed, lying on the bed, his left eye is still very uncomfortable. Every day, there can not be normal learning and working. How can not get out when feeling left cornea and left eye, upper and lower eyelid and the left side of the head daily pain, like a knife bar from the eyes to the head, like a left eye eyes inside a small stone mill to rub off . Time every day, can not sleep, frequent insomnia, can not rest, eyes closed, unable to relieve pain. Sleep until 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock every day will be the left eye pain and headache to wake up, and could no longer sleep. The left side of his head is feeling the same pain like cramps. Headache until today left eye pain and left the light weight, serious when there is no way to be alleviated only hard with the palm of your hand to press the left eye and squeeze the left cornea. Serious when trying to dig out the left eye to freed. Often feel eyes closed roll his eyeballs sometimes more than open eyes uncomfortable. Blink more painful than not blink. That time often check my eyes and the upper and lower eyelids. Because the left side of the lower eyelid dry eye, left eye damage and ulcers. Left eye eyelid is more than the right eye redness. The eyelids also very swollen. And headaches that may have a direct relationship. Left eye pain and headache then to now has not been much improvement. Until August 24, 2011, there were some changes. Since that day I did lasik the secondary left eye corrective surgery. The left cornea eccentric irregular asymmetrical get a little bit of correction, but after surgery to improve pain and dry eye effect. The postoperative left eye pain and headache alleviate. Although left eye morphogenetic get a little improvement after the second surgery, left eye pain and headaches improved than before, but corneal shape has not been fundamentally changed. The problem persists - my left eye is still pain and accompanied by a headache, but lighter than before. 8 months after corneal morphology rollback. The curvature of the cornea above seems to increase. Schirmer coating seems to have problems, aggravate dry eyes and headaches. The pain remains a serious problem affecting my life - during the day and does not work learning, the night is not normal sleep. Sleep around 5:00, I will be left eye pain and headaches wake-up to, and can no longer sleep in pain every day. Although pain than the previous three or four o'clock in the morning we wake up stronger. But the whole body is still getting worse, the body immunity getting worse. From 2007 to today, my life has been unable to take care of themselves, have been required family members to take care of every day still does not sleep. Although the daily difficulties and eye pain and headaches affect sleep sleep, will not be able to work and learn. From 2007 to today, the binocular vision is very bad. Poor night vision. The nighttime glare very serious, was able to go out walking and driving. More do not know the road, at night is very difficult depending on the material. Now the left eye is still about 150 degrees of hyperopia and astigmatism of more than 150 degrees. I I have a love of philosophy and art. Young people a love of life and thinking.I once wrote a philosophical treatise of thirty thousand words "Art, the presence of vitality." Has a profound insight into the human vitality. I had a dream to be a philosophy professor. But in January 2007, everything changed. The postoperative left eye pain and headaches so I have no way Rethinking macro-proposition of the life of the universe. Able to survive normal eating and sleeping is my proposition. If the instinct of these people need to be very difficult, then what is contributing to society? Everything thinking around my disease. I was seeking a variety of ways to just quickly put my cure. From 2007 to August 2011. Four years, traveled to hospitals across the country for medical treatment. Help many many doctors doctor. Help over including ophthalmology, sinus Division, Department of Neurology, Neurology, Immunology, liver and kidney Branch spine Branch, dental, etc.. Systemic done several checks, including full-body CT repeatedly, the brain CT multiple sinus CT several immune five checks several times, rheumatic detection times, blood urine test repeatedly, spinal X-rays, chest X-ray optic nerve detection, head of neurological tests many times and so on, without any problem. Even try to do the sinuses abscess surgery. Since then left eye pain and headache thought it was a sinus cysts cause, so do unnecessary surgery. No improvement at after regret. Order the cure spent nearly 300,000 yuan of money, but still to no avail. The left eye pain on the left headache still not seen any improvement. Although the body has done repeatedly over the checks are no problem, but the eye examination several times to check out the dry eye and eccentric cutting. Eyes in each hospital to check his eyes after LASIK dry eye. Wenzhou Eye Hospital check: the bottom of the right cornea often punctate staining, the bottom of the left cornea sustained punctate, strip, sheet stained. The binocular eye conjunctiva nipple hyperplasia, such as conjunctiva small follicles. The double tear film is incomplete. The binocular basal tear test right eye for the 7mm, 4mm left eye. Tear film breakup time right eye but = 1 second left tear film breakup time but = 0 seconds; checks, Beijing Tongren Hospital: eyes the basal tear test right eye 7mm, left eye 5 mmBut the left tears membrane is not complete; the Guangzhou Zhongshan Ophthalmic Hospital test: corneal limbus below the left and right side the visible large number of point-like staining FL (+); ENT Hospital of Fudan University, checks, experts believe that my left eye after LASIK surgery irregular eccentric cutting, so the cause of dry eye symptoms. The Professor of Beiyisanyuan think my left eye pain and headaches and visual fatigue. Hyperopia, astigmatism, glare can cause a recurring visual fatigue and headaches discomfort; doctor thinks double cornea after my LASIK surgery asymmetric index is high. Than before surgery, the cornea was more irregular asymmetric morphology. Partial left eye cornea center cutting can cause eye fatigue can also lead to severe dry eye; doctors think I corneal nerves has not yet returned to normal levels, they believe that the general postoperative year corneal nerve basic recovery, but some people need to longer; doctors believe excimer cutting more than 1,000 degrees of myopia center of the cornea is too flat, too steep surrounding. Reduction of central corneal curvature and increased peripheral corneal curvature, the tension and Pressure of the eyelids on the cornea concentrated in the periphery of the cornea, rather than central. So the eyelid no better oppression central corneal makes central corneal sensitivity reduced sensitivity to reduced tear secretion. This is more apparent in the corneal topography of the comparison of the left-eye and right-eye. Combined with the left eye eccentric Consumers cut the lead to severe dry eye caused by tear film coating uneven. Some The doctor thinks my left eye corneal topography on top of curvature change too suddenly. Curvature of the cornea soon change from 43D to 33D. The transition from the short and not likely to cause the upper eyelid blink uneven corneal tension and tear coating uneven. Plus the central cornea perception lower decrease in tear secretion. The periphery of the cornea steep, easily eyelid to form a larger tension and friction of the cornea steep, easy to aggravate dry eye symptoms and headaches. In short, this non-human suffering all day torment haunt me, I can not stand. I do not want to die relief. Do not want to put their own eye dug to relieve the pain. I have always felt that there is still hope. Is blind Well than this pain. Is replaced the cornea also did not like me so painful ah. At least not like me because of left eye pain and headache, there dry eye seriously affect sleep ah! I traveled all over the country to find a lot of doctors, they do not have a good way, The doctor will say: like me, only to find the first time you do lasik surgery doctor to help you solve. They would say: do the surgery in which hospital you go to which hospital they give you. I find many of my surgeon and his hospital, they did not have any way, and very irresponsible to tell me: My question and their operation does not matter。I really have nowhere to get consultation and treatment desperation. So request you kindly doctor to help me, I really have the heart of the removal of the eye. I hope that doctors consider surgery to help me solve the problem, including lamellar keratoplasty surgery. I hope to restore some of the central corneal thickness and central curvature doctor who can help me to save my eyes, no matter what way. If the surgery can be restored. Then surgery all risks and consequences to be borne by the patient himself, can a lawyer do notary. I hope the doctor who canceled the concerns and worries. Help me to improve central corneal morphology. Now because of eye problems, because the night unable to sleep, the body is getting worse, trance memory decline. My immune system is getting worse each organ problems, it seems there are problems with the body's metabolism. My wife is very good, she was always there for me to take care of me and help me. The more so the more I feel guilty. Her into trouble because of my illness. Sometimes I really want to walk away from the pain. But I am worried that my family would feel sorry for me. Worried about my wife alone and helpless. The family always encouraged me to let me brave and strong in the face of difficult! I remind myself all the time my illness is getting better. But again and again the active treatment and in exchange fail again and again. Again and again to seek medical treatment, but in exchange for a second doctor who cold-shoulder treatment. I hope to win and beliefs do not know how long it can hold? My sister has also done a lasik surgery for myopia. We do the surgery in a hospital.600 degrees of myopia before her surgery.After her surgery and some dry eye syndrome.But after six months to disappear soon improved.My cousin did the lasik surgery for myopia, myopia 500 degrees before surgery.The basic symptoms of dry eye after surgery.Many of my friends also done lasik myopia Surgery.Their pre-operative are basically 500-600 degrees of myopia, 100-200 degrees of astigmatism.Within one year after surgery, dry eye symptoms have disappeared.I was the only the highest myopia, up to 1100 degrees.Postoperative only my dry eye has not improved.And getting worse. .From 2007 to today, the past five years, I have used countless ways to the treatment of left eye pain headache and dryeye. The doctor's advice with lot many ways no better but to no avail. Over the past five years including the use of a variety of artificial tears. Including imports of preservative-free artificial tears. Ten minutes with artificial tears. For example the Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium Eye Drops times contingent, Dextran70Eye Drop, Refresh, URSAPHARTM Arzne Hycosan bought countless but the effect is minimal. Has been used the lacrimal embolism - including tears of the Smart Plug and tear duct plugs used many times and no improvement. There are contact lenses, with the the the zero mirror and RGP protect the cornea Medical, the result is more wear worse, can not be tolerated. Has always insisted on using eyedrops - including a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs and surrounded neomycin improved, used hundreds of anti-inflammatory drugs, but with much more dry eyes. Oral medications - with Chinese medicine including western medicine to stimulate tear secretion and Yin and enrich blood effect. Only slightly ease the symptoms of dry eye, but not of much help to alleviate the left eye pain. Moreover, long-term medication appears significant side effects, and a threat to other organs. Eat traditional Chinese medicine has been insisting for nearly two years. Dry eye pain, but can not solve the problem. Health care products - always insisted on eating a variety of vitamins and lutein, as if no effect. Adhere eaten for some time, analgesic drugs and psychotropic drugs - including various antidepressant anxiolytics and Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to promote sleep, in addition to the brain unresponsive, eye pain and therefore alleviate. Contrary eat these drugs more dry eyes. The treatment of dry eye include Chinese acupuncture and fumigation by grinding and eye - including eye acupuncture and body acupuncture conditioning, but no substantial improvement in the left eye pain and headache problems. However, I seem to comfort. Also include a variety of physical therapy, the left eye ocular anti-inflammatory therapy, the effect is very short-lived. The above method can not improve pain problems. The left eye pain and left headache and still can not be mitigated. Serious still use the palm of your hand to press the cornea and the eye to relieve the pain and headache. Submandibular gland transplant ever wanted to do to ease the most frustrating case. It is a major surgery, the mouth is very dry after transplantation. Doctors do not recommend that I do so, because of the lacrimal gland and tear secretion is good. They think my problem is that the shape of the cornea. The fact that, as they say:my question exactly corneal shape. On August 24, 2011, I do left eye secondary lasik surgery. It is guided treatment of hyperopia and astigmatism, corneal topography (T-CAT) LASIK surgery. Corneal shape after only a little change, but it was to improve left eye pain and headaches as well as to improve the effect of dry eye is very obvious. Sleep also improved a lot. Later, I proposed to the doctor again lasik surgery. Vision, I do not consider. 1200 degrees of myopia even back to 2007 years ago, I was very happy. I am also very pleased to wear thick glasses. The key is to corneal shape. But the doctor said I corneal thickness has few remaining. In this case, I think a to do corneal stroma microlens filled surgical implantation. Femtosecond lenticule re-implantation transplant a lenticule. Is to cut the corneal supplemented back. Although it is not possible to completely do as morphology before lasik surgery back in 2007. But I think if you restore some form of increased central corneal curvature can be a good solution to my problem. To correct a little eccentric cutting. Lamellar transplantation the corneal technology has been very mature, allograft the corneal rejection probability is very low, not to mention micron calculate the thickness of the cornea corneal microlens. I want to fill my original corneal flap corneal microlens to improve my cornea forms a 600-800 degrees. As before people do 500-600 degrees of myopia lasik surgery, very few people will have to dry eye, corneal topography and central corneal curvature and has not changed much. Problem will do lasik surgery myopia above 1000 degrees. As the doctor said central corneal curvature is too low causes the eyelid tension and pressure is concentrated in the periphery of the cornea, rather than central. Restore central corneal curvature to reduce peripheral curvature fundamental improvements in tear distribution. If filling ineffective also can take down. If you fill really solve my problem until it becomes better and better, then my life is no longer a tragedy! Future and hope no longer slim! Moreover, this method can help more people who need help!一封求救信 2007年1月。大学毕业后,我接受做LASIK近视手术。手术前1200度近视。手术后双眼干燥异常。手术后一个月,我的左眼开始难受起来。左边头部也不舒服,以为过段时间就会好,可是没有,而且是越来越严重。那个时候双眼眼睑感觉无泪液润滑左眼比右眼严重。但并不是很疼,眼睑也没有破损,所以那时候没有特别在意。以前从不知道什么是干眼症。因为在手术前从来没有过干眼现象。术后角膜神经切断知觉降低角膜没有感到干燥和炙热。但是上下眼睑经常充满血丝变得红肿。手术后半年双眼开始慢慢疼痛起来。当时眼睛非常干躁,早晨起床时双眼如针刺般疼痛,几乎挣不开眼睛。更为要命的是左眼疼痛非常严重,并且伴随着左侧头疼。左眼经常流泪,时常疼得睁不开眼睛。闭着眼躺在床上左眼依然非常难受。每天如此,根本无法正常学习和工作。那时候感觉左眼角膜和左眼上下眼睑和左边头部每天疼痛难忍,像有刀子从眼睛扎到脑袋里,又像左眼眼睛里进去了小石头磨来磨去怎么也出不来。那时候每天都无法安睡,经常失眠,无法休息,闭眼也无法缓解疼痛。每天睡到凌晨3点到4点钟就会被左眼疼痛和头疼的叫醒来,再也无法安睡。左边脑袋感觉像抽筋一样疼痛难忍。直到今天左眼疼痛和左边头疼时轻时重,严重时毫无办法,只能用手掌使劲按压左眼球和挤压左角膜加以缓解。严重时想把左眼球挖出来得以解脱。时常感觉到闭着眼转动眼球有时比睁着眼更难受。眨眼比不眨眼更痛苦。那个时候经常检查我双眼的上下眼睑。因为干眼,左眼下眼睑的左边有破损和溃疡。左眼上眼睑比右眼则更加红肿。眼皮也很肿胀。那可能和头疼有直接关系。左眼疼痛和头疼从那时到现在一直没有多少好转。直到2011年8月24日有一些改变。因为那天我做了lasik二次左眼矫正手术。左眼角膜偏心不规则不对称得到一点点的矫正,但术后改善疼痛和干眼症效果明显。术后左眼疼痛和头疼减轻一些。虽然二次手术后左眼形态得到一点改善,左眼疼痛和头疼虽然比以前好转一些,但角膜形态并没有得到根本改变。问题依然存在——现在我的左眼仍然疼痛并伴随着头疼,只是比以前轻一些。10个月后角膜形态回退。角膜上方曲率似乎增加一些。泪液分泌涂布似乎又出现问题,干眼和头疼加重。疼痛问题依然严重影响我的生活——白天无法正常工作学习,夜晚无法正常睡眠。每天睡眠到凌晨5点左右我就会被左眼疼痛和头疼叫醒来,再也无法安睡,痛苦不堪。虽然比之前凌晨三四点钟疼醒来要强些。但整个身体还是越来越差,身体免疫力也越来越差。从2007年到今天,我的生活一直无法自理,一直需家人照顾,每天仍然无法正常睡眠。虽然每天很困顿,但眼睛疼和头疼影响的就是睡不好觉,更无法工作和学习。从2007年到今天,双眼视力也非常不好。夜晚的视力很差。夜间眩光非常严重。无法外出行走和开车。看不清楚路。夜晚视物非常困难。现在左眼仍有有150度左右的远视和150多度的散光。 我曾经是一个热爱哲学与艺术。一个热爱生命与思考的青年。我曾写过三万字哲学论文《艺术、存在、生命力》。对人类生命力有着深刻洞悉的人。我曾梦想做一名哲学教授。但是一切都在2007年1月份被改变了。术后的左眼疼痛和头疼使我无从再思考生命宇宙之类的宏观命题了。能够正常的生存吃饭睡觉才是我最大的命题。如果实现这些人的本能需要都很困难,那么何谈奉献社会呢?所有的一切思考都围绕着我的疾病而展开。我那时寻求着各种办法只想着赶紧把我的病治好。从2007年到2011年8月。四年来,为了治病跑遍了全国各地医院。求助过很多很多医生大夫。求助过包括眼科,鼻窦科,神经科,脑科,免疫科、肝肾科,脊椎骨科,牙科等等。全身做过多次检查,包括全身CT多次,脑CT多次,鼻窦CT多次,免疫五项检查多次,风湿性检测多次,血液尿液检查多次,脊椎X光,胸部X光,视神经检测,头部神经检查多次等等,都没有任何问题。甚至为此还做了鼻窦脓肿手术。因为当时左眼疼痛和头疼以为是鼻窦囊肿造成,所以做了不必要的手术。可术后没有一点好转很后悔。为了治病花了将近30万元钱,但依然徒劳无功。左眼疼痛左边头疼仍然未见任何好转。虽然全身多次做过各项检查都无问题,但是眼部检查却多次检查出干眼症和偏心切削。眼睛在各医院检查为双眼LASIK术后干眼症。温州眼视光医院检查为:右眼角膜下方经常点状染色,左眼角膜下方持续点状,条状,片状染色。双眼眼睑结膜乳头增生,结膜小滤泡等。双眼泪膜不完整。双眼基础泪液测试右眼为7mm,左眼为4mm。但泪膜破裂时间右眼but=1秒,左眼泪膜破裂时间but=0秒;北京同仁医院检查为:双眼基础泪液测试右眼为7mm,左眼为5mm, 但左眼泪膜不完整;广州中山眼科医院测试为:左右侧角膜下方巩缘可见大量点状染色FL(+);复旦大学五官科医院检查后专家认为我的左眼LASIK手术后有不规则和偏中心切削。所以造成干眼不适症状。北医三院教授认为我左眼疼痛和头疼与视疲劳有关。远视、散光、眩光可以导致经常性视疲劳和头疼不适;还有医生认为我LASIK手术后双眼角膜非对称指数偏高。角膜比术前呈更多不规则不对称形态。左眼偏角膜中心切削可以造成视力疲劳也可以导致严重干眼;还还有医生认为我的角膜神经还没有恢复到正常水平,他们认为一般患者术后一年角膜神经基本恢复,但有些人需要更长时间;有医生认为1000度近视以上准分子切削使角膜中央过于平坦周边过于陡峭。中央角膜曲率的降低和周边角膜曲率的增高。使眼睑对角膜的张力和压迫力集中在角膜周边而不是中央。所以眼睑无法更好的压迫角膜中央,使得中央角膜知觉敏感度降低泪液分泌减少。这在左眼和右眼的角膜地形图比较中更加明显。加之左眼偏中心切消,造成泪膜涂布的不均匀导致严重干眼症。有医生认为我的左眼角膜地形图上边曲率变化过于突然。角膜曲率从43D很快转变到33D。距离短没有过渡,容易造成上眼睑瞬目对角膜张力的不均衡和泪液涂布的不均衡。加上角膜中央知觉降低泪液分泌减少。角膜周边陡峭处容易与眼睑形成较大张力和摩擦,容易加重干眼和头疼等不适症状。 总之,这种非人类的痛苦整天折磨着我纠缠着我,使我无法忍受。我不想以死解脱。也不想把自己眼球挖出来来缓解疼痛。我一直觉得的还有希望。就是眼睛瞎了也要比这种痛苦好啊。就是换过角膜的人也没有像我这样这样痛苦啊。至少不会像我一样因为左眼疼痛和头疼还有干眼严重影响睡眠啊!我跑遍全国找过很多医生,他们也没有好办法,对我这种情况束手无策。医生会说:像我这种情况只有找第一次给你做lasik手术的大夫来帮你解决。他们会说:在哪家医院做的手术你去找哪家医院,让他们给你负责。可我多次找到我的手术医生和他所在的医院,他们也没有任何办法,并且很不负责任的告诉我:我的问题和他们手术没有任何关系。我现在真的是求医无门走投无路了。所以请求各位好心大夫们帮帮我,我真的是摘除眼球的心都有。希望大夫们能考虑各种手术来帮助我解决问题,包括板层角膜移植手术。希望大夫们能帮我恢复一些角膜中央厚度和中央曲率来挽救我的眼睛,不管用什么办法。如果手术能恢复。那么手术一切风险和后果由病人自己承担,可以找律师做公证。希望大夫们取消顾虑和担心。帮助我改善角膜中央形态。现在的我因为眼睛问题,因为每晚无法安睡,身体越来越差,精神恍惚记忆力下降。我的免疫力越来越差,各个脏器也开始出现问题,似乎全身的新陈代谢都出现问题。我的家人为我操碎了心。我的妻子非常善良,她始终不渝的陪在我身边照顾着我帮助着我。她越是这样我就越感到愧疚。因为我的病连累了她。有时我真想自己一走了之远离痛苦。但我担心我的家人会为我难过。担心我的妻子会孤独无助。家人总是鼓励我让我勇敢坚强的面对困难!我每时每刻都在提醒自己我的病会好转起来。可是一次次的积极治疗然后换回一次次的失败。一次次的求医问药却换回一次次医生们的冷漠对待。我那必胜的希望和信念不知还能坚持多久? 我的姐姐同样做了lasik近视手术。我们在一个医院做的手术。她手术前是600度近视。她手术后也有些干眼症。但是6个月后很快消失好转。我的表哥也做过lasik近视手术。手术前500度近视。手术后基本没有干眼症状。我的很多朋友也做过lasik近视手术。他们手术前基本都是500到600度近视,100到200度的散光。手术后一年内干眼症状都消失了。只有我的近视度数最高,达到1100度。术后只有我的干眼症一直没有好转。而且越来越糟糕。从2007年到今天,五年来我曾用过无数种方法治疗左眼疼痛头疼和干眼。在大夫的建议下用了很多很多很多方法却无济于事没有任何好转。五年来包括使用了各种人工泪液。包括进口的不含防腐剂的人工泪液。十分钟用一次的人工泪液。例如潇莱威,倍然,瑞星,海露等等买过不计其数但效果微乎其微。一直用泪道栓塞——包括泪点塞和泪道塞用过多次也无任何改善。还有隐形眼镜,用了保护角膜医用型零度镜和RGP,结果是越戴越糟,无法耐受。一直坚持用眼药——包括各种消炎药和环抱霉素都无好转,用过上百种消炎药可是用多了眼睛更加干燥。口服药物——用了包括刺激泪液分泌的西药和滋阴补肝血的中药等也无效果。只能是轻微缓解干眼症状,但对缓解左眼疼痛帮助不大。况且长期吃药会出现很大副作用,威胁到其他器官。一直坚持吃中药将近2年。但无法解决干眼疼痛问题。保健品——一直坚持吃各种维生素和叶黄素,好像无任何效果。坚持吃过一段时间的止痛的药物和精神类药物——包括各种抗抑郁抗焦虑药和促进睡眠的西药和中药等,除了脑子反应迟钝,但眼部疼痛并没有因此减轻。相反吃了这类药后眼睛更加干燥。治疗干眼还包括中医针灸和按磨和眼部的熏蒸等——包括眼部针灸和全身针灸调理,但都无实质性改善左眼疼痛和头疼问题。似乎只是心里上的安慰。还包括各种物理疗法,对左眼眼部消炎疗法,效果很短暂。以上方法均无法改善疼痛问题。左眼疼痛和左边头疼依旧无法缓解。严重时依然要用手掌按压角膜和眼球来缓解疼痛和头疼。在最无奈的情况下曾经想过做颌下腺移植手术来缓解。那是个大手术,移植后嘴巴会很干。可医生并不建议我这样做,因为我的泪腺和泪液分泌是好的。他们认为我的问题是角膜形态的问题和泪腺和泪液分泌无关。后来事实证明正如他们所说,我的问题正是角膜形态问题。 在2011年8月24日,我做了左眼二次lasik手术。那是个治疗远视和散光的角膜地形图引导的(T-CAT)LASIK手术。术后角膜形态虽然只有一点改变,偏心得到一点纠正。但当时改善左眼疼痛和头疼还有改善干眼效果却非常明显。连睡眠也改善很多。后来我向医生提出再次lasik手术。视力我都不考虑。即便回到2007年前的1200度近视我非常乐意。即使戴上厚厚的眼镜我也非常高兴。关键是角膜形态。但医生说我角膜厚度已经剩余不多了。在这种情况下,我想到了做角膜基质微透镜植入填充手术。就是把切掉的角膜再补回来。虽然不可能完全回到2007年做lasik手术之前那样形态。但我想只要恢复一点形态,纠正一点偏心切削,增加一些角膜中央曲率都可以很好的解决我的问题。并且板层移植角膜技术已经很成熟,异体角膜排斥几率非常低,更何况微米计算厚的角膜角膜微透镜呢。我想在我原来的角膜瓣下填充一个600到800度左右的角膜微透镜来改善我的角膜形态。正如以前人们做500至600度近视的lasik手术后很少有人会得干眼,因为角膜形态和角膜中央曲率并没有太大改变。而近视在1000度以上的人做lasik手术后问题就会很多。正如医生所说角膜中央曲率太低会使眼睑张力和压力集中在角膜周边而不是中央。恢复角膜中央曲率降低周边曲率会根本改善泪液分布情况。如果填充效果不好的话还可以取掉。如果填充后真能完全解决我的问题直至变得越来越好,那么我的人生就不再是一个悲剧!未来和希望也不再渺茫!而且用这个方法还能帮助更多需要帮助的人!
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Jor Medina, CA
Jan 15, 15:01
# 741
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Name not displayed, AZ
Jan 12, 06:50
# 740
After a Lasik-Monovision procedure 18 months ago, I have worse vision than pre-Lasik. On a recent second opinion I was told that I was not even legal to drive. My issue is that since the Lasik gave me severe dry eye in which I can't seem to heal from making my vision fluctuate--they won't correct the vision until the dry eye from Lasik heals (it's been 18 months) and legally I can't drive? I am a working mom with 2 kids--this was not communicated to me in a well-balanced fashion! Not to mention the severity of what chronic dry-eye means, i.e wake up in the morning with eyes shut until I put drops in, pain, blurred vision and what seems to be a permanent need for eye steroids to survive.
Diane Evans, LA
Jan 10, 16:24
# 739
I'm a RK survivor. The ophthalmology community has been aware of the complications of RK and Lasik for many years, but do nothing to stop it because there is so much money to be made from treating the side effects from the surgeries. Shame on the ophthalmic and medical professions for butchering for profit.
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Name not displayed, AB
Jan 09, 03:44
# 738
Herzig Eye institute in Toronto lied to me. Before my procedure, they never told me all the risks and the severity of the risks. After my surgery, I experienced severe pain, halos, starbursts, conjunctiva hemorrhaging, and dry eye. They said these side effects would go away. I had the surgery 5 months ago and eyes still burn throughout the day. I constantly need eye drops. I am too afraid to drive at night. I was also undercorrected. People need to stop falsely advertising lasik. It destroys peoples' lives. I regret the decision everyday. I constantly feel depressed. I am 22. I am in dental school and I need my eyes. Lasik has ruined my life.
Mr. Tolga Suslu, Turkey
Jan 08, 05:08
# 737
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Ms. Annelene Decaux, CA
Jan 07, 17:45
# 736
I incurred huge loss of vision and quality of life from having Lasik surgery done to me in 2010. This procedure needs to be banned. My life is basically destroyed from this.
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Ms. Fernanda Tomasine, Brazil
Jan 07, 11:46
# 735
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Name not displayed, ON
Jan 06, 17:39
# 734
These surgeons performing Lasik eye surgery who work for private clinics, should no longer be considered surgeons, but entrepreneurs. They let profit and greed cloud there professional judgement, resulting in Lasik surgery being performed on high risk patients, leading to serious side effects and complications. They are ruining the lives of innocent patients and must be stopped. These highly unethical acts are unacceptable. STOP ALL LASIK PROCEDURES!
Mr. Javier Santana, Spain
Jan 05, 19:39
# 733
FDA must face life prision, they have destroyes many people eyes and lifes
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Mrs. Anabela Kamps, FL
Jan 05, 09:03
# 732
I had Lasik 7 years ago to correct nearsightedness and no other problems and now need glasses for blurred farsightedness vision!
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Mr. bob hudens, GA
Dec 31, 07:26
# 731
I had rk on my left eye in the early 70's.It is continuing to deteriorate with no apparent solutions. Is anyone out there receiving help from opthomologists?
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Name not displayed, NC
Dec 27, 11:20
# 730
Mr. freddy jego, France
Dec 20, 13:04
# 729
keratocone post lasik des 2 yeux suite internetion sur grenoble , crosslinking oeil droit en, 2009 et gauche en 2012
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Dr. vinoditha krishnamoorthy, India
Dec 15, 06:19
# 728
being a doctor i realise the kind of vested interests lasik surgeons hav
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Mrs. R Sivapriya, India
Dec 13, 05:37
# 727
I did my lask 10 years back. my sight was fine for just 3 months post lasik...then it slowly deteriorated. I had only -1.5 and -2. Now i have got cylindrical power also. Now i can wear neaither soft lenses nor spectacles. My power is so much that spectacles cant be made. Only option i had was hard lenses...which is REALLY HORIBLE to wear and maintain. Now i have started to have keractomus as happy with ur soft lenses and specs...
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Glenn Argall, SW
Dec 08, 18:43
# 726
So other people don't get misled by how good this surgery is supposed to be-I have nothing but regrets for doing it and a lower bank account-Still wearing glasses.
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Connie Woodward, GA
Dec 07, 05:16
# 725
Having Lasik ruined my eyesight
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ronnie north, TX
Dec 05, 05:28
# 724
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Name not displayed, Portugal
Dec 04, 11:08
# 723
I had lasik done 15 years ago, big mistake... I have a big problem on my right eye.
Mr. Matthew Wilson, CO
Dec 01, 10:37
# 722
I had Lasik in 2005, and I have had complications ever since. I've experienced and am currently experiencing dry eyes, fluctuating vision, regression of vision, and more. I am scared that I soon will not be able to drive to work to support my family. This elective surgery had stolen the person I should be. My family and I suffer everyday. Please stop this ELECTIVE surgery from ruining more lives!
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Name not displayed, AZ
Nov 28, 12:49
# 721
I had LASIK a month ago thinking that its been around for a long time and is established. I now find out that it is unsafe. I have double vision, spots in vision, dry eyes, a permanent flap cut in my eyes (that I was told would heal, but it wont), terrible night vision with starburst, halos and hard time seeing in darker areas and headaches. This has caused massive depression and anxiety and I am now in constant fear of having more severe eye problems. It makes my job much much harder since I work on computers for 8 - 12 hours a day. Worst mistake of my life by far. I was misinformed or had the severity of issues with LASIK down played by the doctor. If I had known how it really was, I would never have had this procedure done.
Mrs. Caroline kurtz, TN
Nov 28, 09:23
# 720
I was affected by the bad outcomes of LASIK eye surgery in 2004 at the age of 19.I had horrible dry eyes that severely affected how I functioned. Even four years after my surgery I had to quit a job working in a lab due to my inability to be exposed to the chemicals I needed to use to perform my tasks. This surgery is truly a disappointment for many and hope it is band before others get hurt.
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john lukas
Nov 22, 11:54
# 719
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Name not displayed, Croatia
Nov 22, 03:12
# 718
I'm an ophtalmologist, employed in Clinical Contact Lens department. I meet the patients with the post LASIK complications very often.It is a very good period for the refractive surgeons in my country now. Everybody wants to do LASIK! I only want that the patients get honest and real information about everything which that method could bring to them and that official institutions, like FDA, make a real limits for the fotorefractive surgery .
Name not displayed, TX
Nov 16, 21:57
# 717
I have personally had a bad lasik outcome due to the incorrect information given to me about the risks of the procedure.
Kim Brignon, NY
Nov 15, 01:37
# 716
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Name not displayed, NS
Nov 10, 12:27
# 714
Went for a consultation and was told I was a perfect candidate (-4.50 and -5.00). Set up the appointment to have it done and then chickened out thank god. I'll stick to my soft contact lenses. Especially after reading this!!! So this petition is working.
Douglas Nelson, WI
Nov 06, 06:06
# 713
I had a succesful "permenent" procedure done 11 years ago. My eyesight is now worse than at that time and I wear glasses full time.
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Ms. Pamela Merritt, NY
Oct 28, 16:22
# 712
For a few years now I have been reading about the lives destroyed by LASIK. As these patients age, their chances of complications will increase. Stop the damage!
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Dr. Anthony Manoli, NY
Oct 27, 17:33
# 711
My daughter told me she is scheduled to have it done. I researched it because I did not think it is a bright idea, and I learned a tremendous amount of unnecessary problems that will afflict many unknowing people including my daughter.
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Ms. sasha rodoy, United Kingdom
Oct 21, 10:21
# 710
In 2011 my eyes were damaged following Lasek in the UK. My subsequent obsessive research discovered countless others also damaged, most staying silent thanks to depression/PTSD etc... whilst many others silenced with pay offs linked to 'gagging' orders. I launched the UK campaign for government legislation in February 2012 & fully support Morris Waxler & anyone else fighting for the truth to be told & this industry stopped from ruining people's eyes & lives! Sasha Rodoy:
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Name not displayed, United Kingdom
Oct 14, 16:55
# 709
More people need to know about this. I have moderate myopia (-4.00 in my right eye, -4.50 in my left), and mild astigmatism (0.50 in my right eye, 0.25 in my left), and I was honestly so desperate for my eyesight to stabilise so that I could have LASIK. I didn't care how much it would cost, and I have a friend who had it about 7 years ago who said it was great, but for some unknown reason that is starting to make sense now she never really wants to talk about it. I am SO glad I've done my research, I suffer with anxiety and depression right now that is bad enough to stop me working, so if the outcome wasn't perfect, it would ruin my life. I would want to kill myself. I just want to say thank you to all the people who have shared their stories so that other people like me can know the truth, it just breaks my heart that I can't help you. :'(
Mr. A B, United Kingdom
Oct 11, 15:17
# 708
My eyes were ruined by lasik eye surgery in June 2011 in London. Search "OPTIMAX" on YouTube & my video is number one!! The surgeon left my eyes de-centered & me with major problems! Including Starbursts, ghosting, MGD - which I DID NOT have prior to surgery. I can prove negligence & am taking legal action. I support Sasha Rodoy's UK campaign calling for for government legislation to regulate this dangerous industry! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!
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Name not displayed, TX
Oct 11, 09:51
# 707
I had Lasik done in 2008. I suffered with Dry Eye for about 8-9 months after surgery. It was not worth doing the surgery considering the discomfort and frustration caused by dry eyes.
Dr. Van Gardner, CT
Oct 06, 14:38
# 706
Successful surgery should not include dry eyes, vision regression or night vision glares either. Thank you.
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David Wolff, CT
Oct 06, 08:07
# 705
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Name not displayed, CT
Sep 30, 07:43
# 704
Had I been told of all the risks to lasik, I would have happily wore my contacts. My vision started to get poor and needed to wear glasses again after only about a year. My night vision is also poor (with glasses on). I see glares and it does tire my eyes out after awhile. I have a friend who had a terrible experience with his surgery and had to get a second one. FDA needs to look closely at the failed surgeries and everything in between. Successful surgery should not include dry eyes, vision regression or night vision glares either. Thank you.
Name not displayed, AZ
Sep 25, 13:57
# 703
Ms. Lynn crisci, MA
Sep 23, 20:20
# 702
My lasik surgery consultation did NOT make clear the potential risks of this surgery. They dismissed them.
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  1. I got lasik done through Vipin Buckshey of Visual Aids center Delhi, India. He did not take my measurements properly and did the Lasik in a haphazard manner. Later I found that he is not a surgeon, he does not even have a basic doctors degree. He forced me to get Lasik done but I was not right candidate
    He was in a hurry to get me under the blade and make fast money. Now I have glares in the mornings and halos at night, contrast loss and have blurred vision. I will never be able to drive. I am almost blind after Lasik.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that LASIK permanently ruined your vision. Unfortunately, the FDA and the Industry and Congress and the President do not care because it hasn't touched their own families (YET)... Please try to find a good doctor that can manage the pain and somehow fit you possibly with contacts or scleral lenses or something to help you to be correctable... Good luck and hang in there! Again, sorry...

    2. Visual Aids Centre Delhi made me also blind, they damaged my cornea and it lost its shape and elasticity. Dr. Vipin Buckshey and Dr. Anuj Singh ruined my eyes through Lasik. It is run by bunch of unethical and amateur people . After ruining my eyes doctor at Visual Aids Centre has tuned his back towards me. Do not get Lasik done and never from Visual Aids Center Delhi, India. Be happy with your spectacles, atleast you can see using them. I am willing to pay anything to undo my Lasik and get my spectacles back.