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The mini-documentary film that is currently being created (And will air around May 2013) in order to spotlight and draw attention to the fact that the man himself who approved LASIK and oversaw the original FDA LASIK Approval, Dr. Morris Waxler, is now stating that the Ophthalmic Societies/LASIK Surgeons are acting in a corrupt manner, and that he and others were "DUPED" by those in "power" who are involved in possibly "cooking the safety studies" and therefore wants Congress to investigate these possible criminal charges for "LASIK medical crimes upon humanity." (Start first by listening to Dr. Morris Waxler in 30 seconds tell you DO NOT DO LASIK...)
Just listen to the below video on YouTube at 18:35 on hearing the man who approved LASIK saying "WE F_ _ _ _ _ UP" and should NOT have approved LASIK:
One of the biggest controversies that surround LASIK is whether or not the LASIK INDUSTRY has been clandestine with the "real safety studies ongoing which means they could have been using only the good results and disposing or not counting the injured patients that were dissatisfied with their new irreversible LASIK reshaped eyess," wheter or not these LASK Ophthalmologists were too cozy with key Ophthalmic FDA Officials in keeping LASIK appearing as Safe-Proven-Effective-FDA Approved" all along, when they've known all along there were always "Known-Long-Term-Damages!"   
In the meantime, LASIK surgeries have raked in BILLIONS in profits.  Also in this film, you will see why  Dr. Waxler is stating that "HEALTHY EYES BECOME SICK AND DISEASED," how LASIK promotes artificially aging of the eyes so future surgeries are needed by those permanently damaged, how post LASIK DRY EYE DROPS are then needed daily due to what the LASIK procedure does to the eye's previous natural ability to produce sufficient tear film & hydrate the eye naturally is diminished after LASIK damages those vital corneal nerves, permanently reshapes the eye making it virtously impossible for the eye to evenly disperse tear film, requing the dependency on custom made contacts and glasses in order to see somewhat normal again, and lastly...other unknown problems that derrive from an elective procedure touted as "FDA Approved-Safe-Proven-Effective..."
There is a lot of evidence that supports Dr. Waxler's claims to how many millions of eyes and families are now complaining and needing help.  First, just walk into any Walgreens, CVS, Grocery Store and look at the shelves for "Contacts/Dry Eye Drops" and notice all of them that are now putting "FOR LASIK DRY EYES" on the front cover in the middle of the bottle for all to see...Certainly, I can't opine that these major manufacturers would PRINT THIS IN BOLD LETTERS ON THE FRONT COVER (the most valuable real estate text on the bottle unless it was to appeal to a new and upcoming customer and patient dependent group) unless there was a huge amount of individuals suffering from Post LASIK DRY EYE...correct?  Here's just some of those bottles we found at our local drugstore:

I.  BLATANT AND DECEPTIVE LIES BY LASIK CLINICS/DOCTORS/STAFF:  This is a violation of the hippocratic oath that physicians swore to FIRST protect the patient from harm.  To be honest.  Yet...patients are being lied to, by the tens of thousands or more...and are being told lie after lie that their "eyes are just healing a bit slower than others...and they'll be fine, just give it some more time."  And this happens for oh about 2 years and 1 day, as that is the time the LASIK CLINIC needs in order to be protected by the Statute of Limitations, which is usually two years from the date of the surgery, that a patient has in order to sue a LASIK doctor, Staff, and the Laser Manufacturer.  If a group of patients come forth accusing this of one clinic, one LASIK ophthalmologist, then another and then another...then it's pretty guaranteed that this is now a "White wall of silence..or a Medical Crime upon those patients...a Medical Cover Up." 
A physician can and should go to jail for failing to fully inform the patients as their responsibility states, and for giving an improper diagnosis or covering up another doctor's mistakes in order to avoid being sued, or to lose their medical license, and / or finally in order to avoid going to prison for this crime.  This lie makes it almost impossible for a LASIK INJURED VICTIM to rightfully utilize any American Court System so that a court can determine if this victim is permanently damaged, whether or not they are awarded punitive/financial damages for daily pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of a career, and whether or not the assaultant, the LASIK doctor, should be tried as a criminal.
(Dr. Waxler's FDA Petition submitted on Jan. 6th, 2011 states the
need for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION"into those LASIK doctors)

II.  BLATANT AND DECEPTIVE LIES BY LASIK INDIVIDUALS AND OPHTHALMOLOGISTS THAT POSSIBLY "COOKED" THE ORIGINAL CLINICAL STUDIES AND THE ONGOING STUDIES:  Obviously, this is self-explanatory in itself.  When you FFF "Falisfy-Fabricate-Fraudulently" conspire to attempt to trick the very public/patients that you first swore to "PROTECT" knowing that you are inflicting permanent harm by "Irreversibly-Reshaping" their only eyes...and then lying about it, this is a Medical Crime!
(Dr. Waxler's 81 Minute Presentation explaining why the FDA made a grave mistake
 approving LASIK, and saying that the Ophthalmic Societies/Ophthalmologists tricked them...) 

 III.  ALTERING LASIK PATIENT CHARTS:  Did you know that many LASIK centers have an office manager that handles and manages the "Problematic Cases?"  That means that he or she is in charge of "Keeping the doctor clean."  That means that if the doctor is threatened by a patient wanting their chart, that the manager is in charge of "slowing down" the pace at which to get the patient their chart to make sure and ensure that nothing is out of place and no signs of fault on the doctor for their bad outcome can be found...or made a case of.  Many times, LASIK patients in court cases have complained that "one thing was said to them during their office visit" while yet "a totally different conclusion was written in the patient charts."  That means that there was an egregious attempt to "deceive" and "falisfy or withhold important documents like patient charts or altered charts" from giving the edge to the permanently injured LASIK patient in case they ever attempted to sue the doctor and staff.  But this happens all the time with LASIK CLINICS...Just look at this court case which proved this point...and also proved the "white wall of silence in LASIK with fellow Ophthalmologists covering lies up for each other" as shown here:
Please pay particular attention to the part here: 
"In addition to Dr. Donzis, plaintiffs called Albert Lyter, Ph.D., from Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Lyter is a former federal agent trained in ink dating analysis. Dr. Lyter testified that Dr. Kevin Niksarli intentionally artificially aged a note in his chart concerning his purported conversation with the patient and his wife concerning the risks, benefits, and alternatives to LASIK surgery." 
"Anthony Gamboa, Ph.D., also testified as an expert in vocational economics concerning plaintiff’s loss of income. Dr. Gamboa is from Miami, Florida." Dr. Niksarli called Wing Chu, M.D., from New York City, to discuss his so-called independent examination of the plaintiff. On cross-examination, Dr. Chu testified that his version of the Hippocratic Oath, in part, translates to first do no harm to any ophthalmologist.

"Dr. Niksarli also called Peter Hersh, M.D., from Teaneck, New Jersey, as his cornea expert. On cross-examination, Dr. Hersh indicated that he only testified for defendants’ counsel, who had previously represented him in his own medical malpractice case..."

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