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From as far back as I can remember or have investigated, the "status quo," in terms of how an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist would measure the aquity of vision, was by using a SNELLEN CHART shown here below: we are in the year 2013, and yet LASIK DOCTORS are telling patients that they "had a successful outcome" if they can read any of these lines on the above Snellen Chart better than before having LASIK!  So in other words, if the LASIK center can get you one line better, they are telling you that you're a success!  But how does each individual patient define his or her own success? 
If you saw the above "Snellen Chart" with a "doubled or glowing or contrast" effect, just because you're not wearing contacts or glasses, the LASIK CLINIC will say you're a "success" because the truth is...that LASIK centers are trying to brainwash their own patients that this is an acceptable outcome when it isn't!  
And because of this "type of brainwashing and violation of defining a suitable standard of medical care," the LASIK industry has been able to avoid LASIK LAWSUITS...or at least...Up until now thanks to an invention that allows "transparency" called "the internet!" 
Below are examples after examples of how LASIK CENTERS told their dissatisfied LASIK patients that they "had a successful LASIK outcome" even AFTER the permanently injured LASIK patient described their double vision, streaked vision, halos, starbursts, and DRY EYE challenges as being "constant" meaning these symptoms "DO NOT GO AWAY...EVER!"

So if you're still "on the fence" about "who to believe..." one suggestion is to go online and find out what the "UNHAPPY LASIK" patients are saying because if you're not hearing anything "NEGATIVE" from your commissioned LASIK sales person who has to make the sale (YOU...and will practically guarantee you anything so she/he can make their Mercedes car payment)...then probably you are thinking the procedure is "just too good to be true...but is true!"  The real story any caring eye doctor and their staff should be telling you is that they can't guarantee you anything, that there are known long term damages to every LASIK elective and unecessary eye surgical procedure such as:
Permanent Dry Eye Pain-Each LASIK surgery -diminishes the eyes' ability to produce sufficient tear film...That's why all of the major companies are now "capitalizing" on the millions injured from LASIK that can't sleep at night or function because their eye pain is so bad that they need their drops just to function...SO...That is why they are putting on the center cover in BOLD LETTERS:
                         "FOR LASIK DRY EYE..." As shown here:
Your Eye Is Now An Entirely Different Eye Shape For The Rest of Your Life- did the sales clerk at the LASIK CENTER or the caring Ophthalmologist at least tell you that much and admit that?  Did they then explain to you what difficulties lie ahead when your eyes continue to change, evolve and age and what happens when you no longer can see as clearly and then have to go back to contacts or glasses that you will be re-defined in medical terms as a "COMPLICATED EYE CORNEA PATIENT" and that you will then have to spend 3x-20x more on contacts, glasses and eye exams for the rest of your life? 

Here's why...This is an example of what happens over the
Long-Term after LASIK...that supposedly "thinned out" and "flattened cornea" has intracolular fluid pushing out from the inside
and can cause a "BULGING" or "UNSTABLE" effect requiring the need for a "CORNEAL TRANSPLANT!"
Now you're probably thinking on your own at this point "Why would anyone want to get an elective procedure that only maybe has 1-7 years of stability and which the KNOWN RISKS far outweigh the benefits?"  Good question!  So if you knew the entire LASIK STORY...You would then conclude:

"So...Why Would Anyone Get LASIK?"

*Answer:  "Most victims didn't make the time to get ALL OF THE PIECES TO THE LASIK STORY" that you just got

Please don't trust someone at a LASIK CENTER that is asking you for your credit card and for $3,000-$5,000 while they are reassuring you that you are going to "LOVE LASIK" and how it's going to be the best thing you have ever done...Because the facts are that MILLIONS are REGRETTING having trusted that same sales clerk only to REGRESS year after year and are now daily hooked on POST LASIK DRY EYE DROPS (such as these below) for the rest of one's life...Do your homework!

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