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April 25th, 2008:  FDA Calls For Emergency LASIK Panel Discussion In Wash, DC:

Watch The Emergency LASIK Panel Discussion That Took Place On April 25th, 2008.  The FDA is very concerned about LASIK, and has decided to take a second look at the unpredictability of LASIK, unscrupulous doctors, and the Informed Consent Form. 

(click above to hear hurt LASIK patients begging FDA to stop LASIK)

YouTube Presentations of Hurt LASIK Patients

Dean Andrew Kantis, Hurt LASIK Patient, petitions the FDA on Jan. 5th, 2007, which led up to the Emergency LASIK Ophthalmic Device Panel Discussion held in Wash, DC.  Mr. Kantis was the 2nd speaker.  Dean asked that the FDA and AUTHORITIES intervene and immediately discipline LASIK DOCTORS, ISSUE AN IMMEDIATE LASIK PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY to prevent any families from irreversible damages, and CREATED A SPECIAL FUND FOR DEPRESSED AND SUICIDAL LASIK PATIENTS that became irreversibly damaged after they were told they would love this procedure and they were the perfect patient candidate and that there were very little to no risks:

CRS Today:  Summary of Hurt LASIK Patients

Slides of Damaged Patients/Presentations

(Shows the FDA's text version "Summary Minutes) of speakers)
Hurt from LASIK surgery?  Register for free to LASIKSugeryWatch.  It is vital that patients who have had poor outcomes from refractive surgery be represented as a group with a voice by a patient advocacy organization such as LSW. This has never been done before and the time is right to do it now.

Patient Advocate, Dean Andrew Kantis, Challenges The FDA To Turn In ALL LASIK Patient Complaints:

April 25th, 2008:  FDA Emergency LASIK Panel Discussion Reports of Dissatisfied LASIK Patients:

 What is LASIK & Why Did The FDA Call For An Emergency FDA Panel On April 25th, 2008:

2009 LASIK Related News:  Famous News Anchors, Talk Show Hosts, Celebs, And Athletes Ruined From LASIK:  April 1st, 2009:  Philadelphia Inquirer:  Is LASIK Safe and worth the risks?  Is the FDA telling you the entire story?
April 21st, 2008:  Is LASIK safe in the Military?  Hear from someone who became MUCH WORSE and is warning you:

October 24th, 2008:  Attorney Lissa Lising – wife of Ian Lising, assistant professor, speaks of botched LASIK procedure: 

August 24th, 2008:  Alcon sued by unhappy LASIK patients for permanent damages:

Professional Golfer Vijay Singh complains of LASIK Surgery hurting his "putting game:"
 http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/18/sports/golf/18pennington.html?em Professional Golfer Kenny Perry complains of LASIK Surgery and now having an "eye infection" forcing him to drop out of the PGA:
http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/article/0,28136,1830583,00.html?eref=golf Professional Golfer Tiger Woods has had multiple post LASIK surgeries.  What's really going on with Tiger's Eyes:

NBC NEWS Chicago, Warns of Nick Caro's Seized Black Box Laser By The FDA & US Marshalls:

FOX NEWS Chicago, Warns of Patients Getting LASIK & In Using The Alcon Ladarvision Laser:
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqomPX4ADvE  CBS NEWS:  Says To "Read The Fine Print" When Having LASIK Elective Surgery:

 ASCRS/EYEWORLD:  Michael Patterson, PHD and Dean Andrew Kantis
Petition The FDA About Known Damages Of Every LASIK Elective Eye Surgery:

Speech In Front of The Emergency FDA Panel By Activist:  Dean Andrew Kantishttp://www.lifeafterLASIK.com/fda.htm Slideshow In Front of The Emergency FDA Panel By Activist:  Dean Andrew Kantis
 http://www.lifeafterLASIK.com/slideshow.htm Slideshow From The Emergency FDA Panel:  All Guest Speakers

NBC NIGHTLY NEWS:  Brian Williams Warning Americans About Complications. 
Dean Andrew Kantis Shown Speaking, Warning Americans That the 95% Success Rate Is Bogus
 Because The Doctors Are Defining Success Differently Than The Patients:

CBS NEWS:  Patient Advocates Dean Andrew Kantis, Roger Davis and Michael Patterson Warn The Public:

FOX NEWS:   The FDA Knows Something Is Wrong With LASIK & Is Taking A 2nd Look At LASIK:

Corrupt LASIK Surgeons?  You decide...
June 3rd, 2008 The Natural News:  Dr. Marguerite B. McDonald, the former Chief Medical Editor of EyeWorld, an international publication for ophthalmologists:" We are only starting to ride the enormous growth curve of LASIK in this country. There will be more than enough surgeries for everyone to benefit if we keep our heads by sharing information openly and honestly and by resisting the temptation to criticize the work of our colleagues when we are offering a second opinion to a patient with a suboptimal result." 
Reports That LASIK Leaves About 48% of Patients With Permanent Dry Eye

Injury Board:  Announces That The FDA Will Add 4 Items To Give More Informed Consent With LASIK:

ASSOCIATED PRESS:  FDA Is Taking A Second Look At LASIK After 10 Years of Complaints:

CBS NEWS:  Katie Couric Talks About The Problems With LASIK Elective Eye Surgery:

April 2008:  FDA/CDRH confirms that only (3) LASIK centers have been investigated since the year 2000:

CBS Interviews Hurt Patients Describing LASIK Results:

WebMD :  Experts Advise NEW WARNING For LASIK:

Alternatives To PERMANENT LASIK Surgery That You May Want To Consider:

Dallas , TX News:  LASIK Is Causing Suicides & Permanent Dry Eye Far Worse Than Contact Lenses:

The Public Has The Right To Know The Truth About LASIK:

FDA PANEL Is Asked:  "Is The 95% Success Rate Misrepresented?"
http://recent-business-news.com/data/articles_b17/idb2008. FOX NEWS: 

LASIK Now Under FED Scrutiny:

NEW YORK TIMES:  More Bad News For LASIK Doctors:

GOOGLE NEWS:  FDA Takes Closer Look At BAD LASIK Results:


FORBES :  The FDA Examines "Quality of Life" of LASIK Patients:

CNN WARNS:  FDA Takes Closer Look At Patients Complaints:

WASHINGTON POST: LASIK Patients Describe Complications At FDA Hearing:

MSNBC WARNS:  FDA Examines Blurred Related Vision Problems:

CBS WARNS:  The FDA Wants To Take Another Look At The SAFETY of LASIK Surgery:
 http://cbs3.com/health/LASIK.eye.surgery.2.707855.html http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2008/04/24/LASIK-panel.html

NEW YORK TIMES:  Economy Slows And So Does LASIK Eye Surgery:



New York Times Reporter, Abby Ellin Warns:  "TROUBLING EFFECTS OF LASIK SURGERY..."

REUTERS Warns Public About LASIK Quality Being Investigated:

MSNBC Warns Public About LASIK Quality Being Investigated:

YAHOO Warns Public About LASIK Quality Being Investigated:

New York Times Warns Public About Post LASIK Quality of Vision Problems:

Chicago Tribune Warns Public That LASIK Failure Rate CAN Be High:

The North Carolina Observer Warns Public That LASIK Could Lead To Suicide:

 "The Grey Sheet" Warns Public About LASIK Quality Being Investigated:

 Channel 10:  Warns Public About The 10 Things The LASIK Doctor Won't Tell you:

Eye Doctor Warning You That LASIK Doctors Are More Interested In Making Money
Than In Their Patient's Health or Best Interests:

Feb. 17th, 2008:  LASIK Complication:  "Oil Gland Secretion..."

Eye World tells that patients whom have LASIK Surgery, are at an increased risk for eye infections:

Article in Feb. 2008 warning you that LASIK is still NOT SAFE and is causing many patients severe depression and in some cases suicides:  http://www.newsobserver.com/150/story/920341.html

Read The Update On My Attempt To Fix Nick Caro's Horrific LASIK, And My Surgical Attempt In Tromso, Norway To Have Dr. Stojanovic Perform PRK Surface Treatment Using The State of The Art www.IvisTech.comTechnology ...

Channel 10 News:  Warning The Public About LASIK NOT Being Safe & The Lies By The Lying LASIK Doctors

Dr. Nicholas Charles Caro, LASIK Surgeon, tries to sue hurt LASIK patient,
Mr. Dean Andrew Kantis for $2,000,000 and LOSES!!

Experienced Doctor (who tries to fix what the LASIK doctors are messing up) Warns Others To "NOT GET LASIK:"

Ex-LASIK Doctor Describes The Permanent Damages Of LASIK Surgery:

My Personal Story & Why I Feel LASIK Is NOT In Anyone's Best Interest:

(An online forum where Hurt LASIK Patients share stories, pictures and information about how badly
their Lying LASIK Doctor has ruined their lives...See for yourself)

Celebrity List Of Hurt LASIK Patients:

March 4th, 2008:  Celebrity Germain Dupri goes BLIND after having LASIK:

Tiger Woods Ex-Girlfriend Ruined From LASIK By Same Doctor?  Why Isn't This On
Every News Station Across The World Every Time He Wins A Championship?

KATHY GRIFFIN, actress/comedian, warns public about her LASIK Nightmare:

REGIS PHILBIN, talk show host, talks about his Post LASIK Floaters:

Prominent Medical Doctor Warns The Masses That LASIK Will NEVER BE SAFE!

Tiger Wood's Ex Girlfriend, Kashmira Karanjia, RUINED By The Same LASIK Doctor, Dr. Mark Whitten with TLC!!

Actress/Comedian Kathy Griffin, Suffers From Post LASIK:  2-3 Surgeries Later:

Show Host Regis Philbin, Complains About Having "Large Floaters" After Having LASIK In 2007:

Germain Dupri Goes BLIND After Having LASIK Elective Eye Surgery:  March 4th, 2008:

Nov . 9th, 2006:  Football Player:  Pat Tillman Dies As A Result of Being Shot In Combat
By Fellow Soldier Who Had LASIK & Couldn't See Clearly:

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