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November 29th, 2012:  Nick Caro (Aka in the LASIK world as the "Mafia of LASIK") has been indicted on (5) Counts of Employee Pension Fraud:
October 15th, 2012:  A Group of Hurt LASIK Patients In The UK/England Area Warn About The LASIK Lies & Corruption!   (And how the LASIK doctors at Optical Express RUINED THEIR LIVES...)

October 6th, 2012:  More Potential LASIK Suicides, While The FDA Does NOTHING To Warn The Public:

September 15th, 2012:  "LASIK Glue Sticks Are Invented To Help DEAL With The Long-Term Problem of Flap Dislodgement:"   http://www.revoptom.com/content/c/36585/

July 25th, 2012:  FDA is put on notice about another unhappy LASIK patient wanting to commit suicide & begging FDA for help:

July 13th, 2012:  "LASIK Surgeon Arrested for showing negligence:"

July 1st, 2012:  "Optimax/UK Offers ruined LASIK Patient a Bribe of $20,000 Pounds To Sign Gag Order:"

June 2012:  James J. Salz, MD: "...I have heard bilateral LASIK advocates seriously state that this is one reason to do the two eyes together, so that the patient can’t compare the LASIK eye with the contact lens eye!" www.drsalz.com/bilateral_lasik.htm
May 2012:  "Preventing Ectasia Caused By LASIK/PRK...Using Collagen Cross Linking:"

May 6th, 2012:  LifeAfterLasik Reports:  Approaching 630 petitioners asking FDA’s Commissioner Hamburg to resign or PULL LASIK or both to prevent more LASIK SUICIDES!

 April 29th, 2012: Paul Harasim  "We Need A Clearer Picture of LASIK:"

April 2012:  Eyeworld Magazine Reports: "Treating Unexplainable Pain...
Suicidal LASIK Patients Really Do Have Pain 200x Worse Than Skin Pain:"

April 2012:  Journal of Refractive Surgery Reports:  "Pregnancy may trigger late onset of keratectasia after LASIK:"
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22496434http://www.healio.com/ophthalmology/journals/JRS/%7B96C9B52F-5229-4A88-8D5A-79C85AAAA3A1%7D/Pregnancy-May-Trigger-Late-Onset-of-Keratectasia-After-LASIK .

"It is common knowledge that the biomechanical stability of connective tissue changes during pregnancy, leading to reduced stiffness and increased extensibility.  These changes are most probably hormone-induced and, therefore, corneal biomechanics also may change during pregnancy. "  "Pregnancy may stimulate progression of corneal keratectasia years after LASIK. This risk should be included in the benefit-risk analysis prior to LASIK in borderline cases."
 April 5th, 2012:  “China's/US Military Declares LASIK NOT SAFE for Military Personnel!”:

April 3rd, 2012:  Stephen Slade, President of ACOS admits "Thousands hurt from LASIK Refractive Surgery...Causing LASIK Induced Ectasia!"

April 3rd, 2012:  Sharon Kleyne Announces that Dry Eyes Can have Many Causes: "LASIK surgery induced dry eyes may be more common than previously believed and, while usually temporary, can be severe. The condition has been attributed to either loss of tear stimulation due to the cutting of corneal nerves or to trauma-induced inhibition of hormonal feedback signals between the ocular surface and tear glands..."

March 23rd, 2012:  FOX NEWS: "Nearly 5 million Americans over the age of 50 have the [extreme dry eyes] condition, which is caused by a number of factors – such as side effects of medications, LASIK surgery, allergies, and skin disease around the eyes."

March 20th, 2012:  Successful Motivational Speaker/Author/Coach, Joe Tye, Warns About The 12 Dangers of LASIK:

March 18th, 2012:  LASIK Founder Files NDA For LASIK Injury Healing Drug:

March 14th, 2012:  TheChinaPost: "China's Medical Community Warns Citizens of Permanent LASIK Injuries By Re-Establishing NEW LASIK WARNINGS!"
March 6th, 2012:  FDA's Margaret Hamburg & Jeffrey Shuren (Both Ex-CIA) Being Sued & Accused of Crimes on Humanity:

March 2nd, 2012:  Dr. Morris Waxler Asking ANY DISSATISFIED LASIK PATIENTS To Come Forth And Be Added To His Petition To End LASIK:

 March 3rd, 2012:  TheChinaPost Highlights Websites: "www.LifeAfterLasik.com and www.LasikComplications.com Warns That LASIK Is Unsafe:"
 February 2012:  EyeWorld: "Ectasia Is A Hot Topic Among Military Refractive Surgeons:

February 29th, 2012:  Minnesota Court Refused To Dismiss Malpractice Claims Against LASIK Surgeon: Note:  Expert Medical Witness George Waring Revoked of Case!  In a related motion, defendants’ counsel sought to discharge and replace defense expert George Waring, M.D., as “incompetent,” as a result of “issues with his memory.” Plaintiff opposed the motion, noting that Dr. Waring continues to treat patients, and no medical affidavit was offered to support Dr. Lobanoff’s claim that his own expert was incompetent. Instead, plaintiff argued that defendants sought to fire Dr. Waring because of his unsuitable history as an expert, including his consensual settlement in a hyperopic ectasia malpractice lawsuit filed against him; suspension of privileges from Emory University Eye Center for implanting a surgical device without the patient’s consent; and a criminal conviction for assaulting a flight attendant.

February 22nd, 2012:  Questions Surround LASIK Induced Ectasia:

 February 21st, 2012:  International LASIK Safety Concerns Drag Down Stocks In Taiwan & China:

"China Now In Question Over Safety/Efficacy of Elective LASIK Eye Surgery!”

Click Here To Read The English Version:  http://www.lifeafterlasik.com/violativeads.htm

February 21st, 2012:  China Shows Worry Over LASIK: 
 February 19th, 2012:  China Executes A FDA Official That Took A Bribe And Was Corrupt!  Is the FDA in the USA Listening?

 February 16th, 2012: "Renowned Taiwan Ophthalmologist Refuses to Carry Out Laser Eye Surgery:"

 February 14th, 2012:  "Tsai, now an adjunct professor at Taipei Medical University, announced recently that he will no longer perform any LASIK procedures because of side-effects suffered by many of his patients."

February 12th, 2012:  Dr. Morris Waxler Sends Letter To Hurt LASIK Patients Stating That "The FDA Is Unresponsive:"

 January 16th, 2012:  "Another LASIK Suicide...All  While The FDA Keeps This From The Public:"

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