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Answer:  "It is the limited timeframe in which an injured LASIK patient has in order to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in suing their LASIK doctor, their staff, the laser manufacturer, the clinic, and other...which is usually 1-2 years from the DATE OF THE ORIGINAL LASIK SURGERY and not from the date of when you finally figured out you are having permanent injuries and then it's almost impossible to find an attorney to represent you in court on a contingency basis, sue and win any type of verdict for your pain and suffering...loss of a job, loss of quality of life, loss of income and future surgical expenses ongoing since now you're what's called a "COMPLICATED EYE PATIENT."
Don't be taken by your LASIK doctor:  "As soon as you sign their PATIENT INFORMATION LEGAL FORM...just know if you are ever unhappy for whatever reason, it will be almost impossible for you to sue and win a LASIK most lawyers will NOT take your case because you signed this form and the hardest challenge you will be up against is finding an expert witness to go against another LASIK doctor, as he/she will then be defamed by their peers...So our suggestion is, if it's so safe, proven and effective, then there's little to no risk...then the doctor shouldn't be so worried about covering their liability right?  So don't sign it, or cross certain sections out, or rewrite it to your satisfaction... If they don't agree to meeting you half way, then we suggest to run out of there as fast as you can and DO NOT DO IT...You'll most likely regret it and know that you made the worst decision of your life because you will have to carry that burden daily until you die..."
If you feel your LASIK doctor and their trained staff are not hearing your concerns about your LASIK DISSATISFACTION from the electively-irreversible eye reshaping surgical procedure and you want to do something about it, this thread should help!  Just click on this link to file your case of LASIK DISSATISFACTION with the FDA, and report your LASIK CLINIC: .

(Simply click on the "BEGIN" button on the right side to file your case with the FDA)

Just know this, the facts don't lie...Even though LASIK SALES STAFF and LASIK DOCTORS tell you that there has been only a "small handful of unhappy/injured LASIK patients," it's just not so.  It's a flat out lie as is their deceptive non-law abiding advertising schemes to lure the victims.  Here are the facts below...There are almost 4,000 cases filed into FDA's Medwatch Reporting System and growing exponentially larger each and every year as victim's experience "LASIK REGRESSION..." Trust me, they're worried...very worried and nervous about growing numbers of disgruntled LASIK patients coming into their offices with a bad attitude...Lets just say, it's not as fun going to work for LASIK doctors because they are starting to experience the "EGREGIOUS LASIK AFTERMATH!"  And deservingly so!'s about time. here are the facts:

Look at the rise of LASIK Adverse Events/Permanent Injuries: 

Click above and use LASIK related codes LZS or HNO to read LASIK PATIENT stories that have  been filed with the FDA's reporting system called Maude/Medwatch:

Total Related To LASIK/Microkeratomes/Intralase:  3,666
"Isn't that more than just a few angry and unhappy LASIK patients?  Are you starting to put the pieces of the "LASIK DECEPTION PUZZLE" together?  GOOD!  But there's more...

Even the FDA has turned it up a notch, and is aware of "DECEPTIVE" and "DISHONEST" advertising gimmicks and guarantees made by LASIK physicians.  They have sent out (2) Warning Letters to Eye Care Professionals making it mandatory to state "ALL KNOWN RISKS & DANGERS" with LASIK:

-May 22nd 2009 LASIK Warning Letter-

-September 23rd, 2011 LASIK Warning Letter-

However, this still may not be enough on FDA's Compliance Department, as just as recently as Dec. 18th, 2012, the FDA had to send these (5) LASIK facilities these Warning Letters for still violating FDA safety standards & violating advertising laws:


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