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In order to continue this cause and continue to get the word out and warn everyone all over the world that "LASIK MAKES HEALTHY EYES SICK AND DISEASED," we must raise money in order to hire a qualified Publicist/PR Agent, who can book radio, tv, and online shows that gets our message out in a big way.  That's where you come in...If you feel compelled and touched by our cause, and want to help warn families all over the world, kindly send funds to:

Thanks to YOUR contributions, we were able to produce the following "Mini-LASIK-Documentary Film" that warns of the known dangers and permanent injuries that LASIK is known for creating in every eye that chooses to undergo this irreversible eye reshaping surgery!  
And thank you for taking just 5 minutes out of your busy day to learn more about our documentary film, "LASIK Public Health Advisory," which is being created as we speak, and takes you back to the early LASIK FDA APPROVALS, and how this electively-irreversible eye surgery was touted as being "SAFE-PROVEN-EFFECTIVE" when it really was not the case!  How the surgeon's to this day use deceptive advertising techniques saying things like "THERE IS NO KNOWN LONG TERM DAMAGES" from having LASIK or refractive surgery.  From there, we're going to show you what happened from around 1996 up until recently (March-April-May 2013), so that you can see how many LASIK patients, years later, have now decided that they are NOT HAPPY WITH LASIK, even though many originally were stated as "BEING ORIGINALLY HAPPY." 

Lastly and most importantly, you're going to hear from credible witnesses how the industry manipulated, fabricated, falsified, and fraudulently submitted clinical studies in order to get their lasers/devices/procedures pushed through the FDA  APPROVAL process quickly.  They carefully "minced" words by saying things like "patients only suffer temporary side effects/symptoms for only about 3-6 months," when in reality, patients are complaining of daily "PERMANENT UNRELENTING VISUAL INJURIES" including but not limited to daily unrelenting dry eye pain, daily double vision, daily halos, daily starbursts, daily depression, and other daily visual disturbances that the industry promised would last only up to 6 months. 

The truth be told, these so called "SYMTOMS & SIDE EFFECTS" are lasting well over 6 months and well in to 3,5,10,15+ years  and worsening each year...That means they should have reported these patients to the FDA as having "PERMANENT INJURIES & ADVERSE EVENTS," but instead chose NOT TO FOLLOW FDA LAWS and mandatory protocols.  You will also see how the LASIK INDUSTRY'S TOP SURGEONS, carefully made sure that they controled the clinical studies wanting to oversight by any "Hurt LASIK Patient Group/Advocacy" so they continue to attempt to guarantee you that it's the most studied and safest procedure on the planet. 

Well, I guess whatever THEY SAY, is what THEY want you to think right?  NO!  The fact is just about everyone in the USA knows someone who is NOT SATISFIED with their electively-irreversible LASIK eye surgery and is complaining and demanding answers!  That means, that it has now become an epidemic and has literally touched all of us...including you!  How do we know this has become a LASIK epidemic?  Just look at the celebrities even being damaged that went to the supposed "BEST BEVERLY HILLS LASIK DOCTOR" and explains her dissatisfaction and pain that it has caused her and how she's warning you:

So how did this happen?  Why did so many millions fall prey?  How did the FDA approve an elective procedure, deem it to be "SAFE-PROVEN-EFFECTIVE," and make the public believe it's easy, quick, and painfree when so many tens of thousands are left permanently injured?  Lets take a look first at the beginning of the FDA LASIK Approvals in America.  In fact, it was in a news documentary that aired in the 1990's called "America Investigates."  Reporter Ethan Gutman investigated complaints of safety, FDA liason's cozy relationships with the pro-profit/biased LASIK / medical industry, and also uncovered how the Navy/DOD was involved in controlling the "clinical studies" which later on raised questions about the real "patient satisfaction rates" shown here in this news story and yet to this day, have never been fully explained or held accountable.  Why not?

(There are 6 more parts to this if you care to watch which details the extent of how the Navy/DOD and their Ophthalmic Surgeons were using military personnel to "control the success rates" when in reality, they knew within all of those early clinical trials that LASIK was not good for anyone and certainly had "known long term damages."  Yet over the years, these same surgeons are quoted time after time saying "there are NO known long term damages" to having LASIK eye surgery...) 

More proof shows these statements are False, Fabricated, and Fraudulently misleading...I call these the (3-F's) of LASIK.  We'll get to that...please continue reading.  Even into the early 2000's there were national LASIK WARNINGS on major tv stations as shown here:

Why is LASIK making news again, now in 2012-2013, and who gave the "FDA Approval" for elective LASIK?  Why now is that same official asking for a complete REMOVAL of the FDA Approval and an outside Investigation?At the center of the team, was Dr. Morris Waxler, who at the time was the Chief Of Medical Devices, gave 26 years of public service to the FDA and the citizens he tried to protect, and has now come out telling the world that LASIK "takes a perfectly healthy and stable cornea and makes it diseased and sick for life!"  Morris has been on many tv stories WARNING THE PUBLIC TO NOT HAVE LASIK, stating it WAS A MISTAKE and is NOT SAFE as originally thought. He has attempted to get on tv during key viewing times and warn everyone, but the fact is that most of the population didn't get a chance to see and heed his warnings shown here over the last few years. So, here they are for you to see: . . .

You can read a copy of Dr. Waxler's petition to the FDA to remove the FDA Approval and for the call to have an "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION" into those Ophthalmologists and individuals who may be accused and guilty of "COOKING THE SAFETY STUDIES" to make LASIK appear safer than it really is...Dr. Waxler also, is citing that he was "TRICKED" into approving elective procedure that wasn't needed in the first place:  .

(Again, normally the FDA answers a petition such as this one within 6 months, but here we are 2+ years later and they have ignored their ex Chief's petition who approved LASIK, why?).

So, if LASIK is so dangerous, why now...why now is Dr. Waxler coming out trying to warn the world of how dangerous it is? Simply put, Dr. Waxler stated:  "WE SCREWED UP!"  We shouldn't have approved LASIK because the industry put permanent injuries such as daily dry eye, eye pain, double vision, halos, starbursts, loss of 3-D vision, loss of contrast sensitivity, and more permanent disabilities, into the wrong column marked "Temporary/Side Effects/Symptoms" instead of the proper column marked "Permanent Injury/Adverse Events." (The news stories substantiate this over and over and over, and so does Dr. Waxler's letters to many of the hurt LASIK patient advocates, shown here:)


Also, it's important to note, as recent as Feb. 13th, 2013...China Times News:  "that many of the so called LASIK PIONEERS ARE JUMPING OFF THE LASIK GRAVY TRAIN, REFUSING TO DO ANOTHER LASIK PROCEDURE.  Ray Tsai-The doctor who first successfully performed laser eye surgery in Taiwan announced Tuesday that he will no longer perform the surgery because it could have serious side effects.   Tsai told local press on Tuesday that he will stop performing Lasik because he has observed situations in which visual acuity worsens suddenly long after the procedure has taken place.

Canadian's Global News just in February 2013 warned their citizens about the potential for a "LASIK Public Health Advisory" showing cases of patients complaining of permanent damages from elective LASIK eye surgery, shown here:

We have a lot of pertinent and in depth news stories and clinical studies compiled to prove that the LASIK INDUSTRY is controlling the clinical studies of the PAST, PRESENT, and of the FUTURE....and how they are only showing you the "benefits" that LASIK provides, while conceiling the "KNOWN RISKS" that by law, they should have been telling you all along in their advertisements.  In fact, on any given day, just compare the risks mentioned in any medical prescription drug tv commercial to a LASIK tv or print ad commercial.  Notice how there are "NO KNOWN WARNINGS OR RISKS" stated?  Even the FDA has sent (2) Deceptive LASIK Advertisement WARNING LETTERS to all known LASIK centers throughout the USA shown here:

Yet, according to the FDA, LASIK CENTERS are not following FDA Laws:   Just as recent as December 18th, 2012, (5) more LASIK MILLS got FDA WARNING LETTERS accused of "deceptive advertising methods" and "lacked proper procedures for reporting permanently injured LASIK patients" into the FDA's reporting system:

Kindly give $5 or more, and sponsor our dream of exposing the LASIK INDUSTRY for exactly what they are, so that we can properly create, direct, and publish a credible documentary that should raise the eyebrows of Congress to have an intense criminal investigation into those that controlled the clinical studies that continue to "lure" the public into thinking that there are "NO KNOWN LONG TERM DAMAGES," when there are documented, credible scientific studies that say otherwise. 

Many of us, at our own expense and time off of work, (while the LASIK industry sponsored and paid for all of their speakers travel/lodging/transportation/dining expenses) spoke on April 25th, 2008 at the Emergency LASIK Ophthalmic Device Panel Discussion in Washington, DC about the known dangers of every LASIK procedure, and about the FDA's failure to police and regulate LASIK MILLS to ensure public safety.  Some speakers even spoke about loved ones committing suicide from having "dissatisfied post LASIK outcomes."

Please take a few minutes to hear our stories and how we tried warning you back on April 25th, 2008 of the "LASIK DECEPTIONS" and how the industry continues to say "THERE ARE NO KNOWN LONG TERM DAMAGES TO LASIK/REFRACTIVE SURGERY" when they've always known there are, but continue to fail to list those warnings/risks in their advertisements which by FDA LAW, they have to legally do:

(Click on below link to view all speakers at the April 25th, 2008 Emergency
LASIK Ophthalmic Device Panel Discussion, held in Washington, DC)

In case you weren't able to see all of the LASIK ADVISORY WARNINGS on major tv stations, here are a few of them that were shown throughout the 2000's, just to establish factual evidence that citizens from all over were and still are complaining that LASIK WILL NEVER BE SAFE...Paying a physician to create permanent daily FLAPS that weaken the eye, induce permanent dry eye diseases, and other known long term damages, is NOT IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS.  Here are those warnings:


Lastly, please take a minute to think about the severity of this film, and that Dr. Morris Waxler, the ex-Chief of Medical Devices who approved LASIK, is out on a mission to have LASIK STOPPED and IS TRYING TO REACH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO WARN YOU DIRECTLY!  His petition to the FDA asked for a complete INVESTIGATION into those individuals that have been and currently are involved in the "peer review clinical studies" used for LASIK and other refractive procedures.  Please help put an END to the permanent damages that slicing/lasering and dry eye incuding LASIK creates in every eye.  Please help us with our mission to warn everyone all over the world to simply "STICK WITH CONTACTS OR GLASSES AND TO NOT LET ANYONE SLICE AND BURN THEIR ONLY EYES!" 

"Funded via Crowd Sourcing..."
-LASIK ADVISORY is a Cause provided by CRI NEWS INC.-

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